July 17, 2024

How Does NetBaseQuid Patient Journey Analysis Lead to a Successful Drug Launch

Today, patients are empowered to build meaningful relationships with their doctors and have a voice in their healthcare decisions. Patients’ journey from the initial diagnosis to full recovery is significantly eased by using digital technology and social media analytics. NetBaseQuid has been at the forefront of ensuring successful drug launches by proactively engaging the patient community. 

NetBaseQuid successfully boosts drug launch during patients journey by:

1.Digital Communication Technology

Digital communication technology plays a significant role in a patient’s journey by providing access to health information, facilitating communication with healthcare providers, and supporting remote monitoring and self-management of health conditions.

NetBaseQuid analyze how patients interact with health information and whether it drives behavior change. They, therefore, learn how people respond to drugs, giving manufacturers an upper hand that leads to successful drug sales.

2.Specific Patient Targeting 

Patients often participate in online surveys, forums, and other interactive outlets during drug launches to understand how the drug works for them. Social media analytics can measure this participation and use it to understand more about the target audience. This information can be used to determine what kind of individuals are responding well to the drug so that additional marketing efforts can be focused on reaching out specifically to those people.

3.Patient Engagement During the Drug Launch

Once a drug is launched, it becomes necessary to engage the patient community. This can be done using social media to drive patient advocacy and raise drug awareness among doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Patients are on social media and other digital media channels to provide important information about both approved and experimental drugs, encouraging people to share their experiences with others.

4.Social Media Brand Advocacy

Drug companies can utilize patient-generated social media content to create news stories around specific drugs’ benefits and positive patient experiences with the drugs. This is a powerful way of creating positive brand advocacy since it amplifies the message about their medication through the voices of actual patients. It can also generate new leads and expose their product to those interested in the topic who might have yet to look for it actively.

5.Patient Experience Monitoring

The monitoring information can determine what is going right and what’s going wrong. The data collected can also be analyzed to see how successful marketing efforts are working, who’s stopping the drug from making it to market, and if patients are underreporting side effects. Social media analytics can determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and whether they should be continued or adjusted.

6.Digital Therapeutics

Advances in digital technology were allowing pharmaceutical companies to incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality into their product launches. Most of the current technologies used in digital therapeutics are meant to drive understanding among doctors, patients, and caregivers through positive experiences and education. 

By analyzing the interaction between users with social media content and drug information, it is possible to determine whether or not there will be an increase in usage in the future.

7.Patient Advocacy

Social media analytics can be used to measure patient advocacy initiatives’ success by monitoring various channels. This can help drug companies discover where their current patient advocacy efforts are falling short and determine whether or not additional advocacy initiatives should be launched to reach the target audience. 

Today, patients are empowered to build meaningful relationships with their doctors and have a voice in their healthcare decisions. Subtle changes in public opinion can make all the difference to a drug’s success or failure. Digital technology and social media analytics have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by giving patients an essential voice in their health care. The companies that take advantage of this technology are more likely to be successful than those that don’t.

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