July 17, 2024

Is the criticism of the German national team justified?

At the World Cup in Qatar, there was a second big scoop. The Japanese national team was inspired by Saudi Arabia’s incredible 2-1 victory over Argentina and managed to outplay Germany with the same score of 2-1.

What do experts, fans and journalists in Germany and the world media write about the unexpected result of the match?

German Bild recalls the failure of the World Cup in Russia, which also began with a defeat for Germany. Journalists worry about the implementation and defense of the national team.

The German team’s very poor execution of chances played a role. The game got out of hand in the last quarter hour – and Japan turned it around in just seven minutes.

Bitter realization: it’s not just the sloppy handling of goal chances that’s troubling, but also the defense. The defense just seems shaky and leaky.”

Despite the poor results, the German national team still has a chance of making it out of the group. To make watching the team’s matches in the tournament more interesting, you can refer to sports betting Tanzania.

Kicker notes that Germany failed to capitalize on the statistical advantage, losing control of the game in the second half:

“The numbers speak for themselves: the German team not only possessed the ball 74% of the time, but also took 26 shots on Japan’s goal. However, it is also true that the German team lost the game in the second half. The longer the game went on, the more Germany lost control of the game.

Jean-Guy Lebreton, a journalist for the French edition of RMC Sport, notes that the German team no longer has the right to make a mistake. An unsuccessful outcome against Spain could put an end to the Germans’ chances of getting out of the group.

That would not be a satisfactory outcome for the team at all. It is hard to say what caused these results. Perhaps it was the personnel losses or coaching decisions.

“The 2014 World Champions, who resigned already in the group stage in 2018, no longer have the right to make a mistake. The German team will go into Sunday’s match against Spain with the threat that they could be eliminated after the second meeting in the tournament. An early exit from the World Cup for the second time in a row could severely tarnish the reputation of the German national team on the eve of their home Euro 2024.”

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