March 5, 2024

Addressing Typical Water Heater Problems

Every homeowner views a robust and long-lasting water heater as an absolutely necessary home appliance. They go through a vast catalog of products to find one that suits their specific needs, ensuring it helps their families enjoy a steady supply of hot water in cold winters and snowy weather.

However, there inevitably comes a time when you must seek expert water heater repair services, allowing you to enjoy the device for a longer time. Sometimes, minor repairs can accomplish the task, while you need to replace the whole device at other times. Either way, a professional can help you determine the root cause of the issue and address it correctly.

The following are some standard issues your water heating equipment might be causing you.

Lack of hot water

If your heater is having trouble producing hot water, it might be time to call a plumbing expert. It could mean an electrical problem in the water heater itself or something more severe, like a clogged drain line. A gas heater will malfunction this way when there is usually a problem with the gas connection or pilot light.

Unpleasant odors

Sometimes, your home’s water heater could produce a foul odor that you can’t quite identify when you switch it on. This is generally caused by bacterial buildup in the tank, which can cause unpleasant smells when it mixes with hot water.

If you crank up the heat, it can help kill the bacteria in the water, but using water at that extreme temperature could be dangerous. You might need to clean the tank with a chlorine bleach solution if the problem is too severe.

Leakage issues

Leaks are among the most typical issues with water heating systems. But while this is a standard problem with most heaters, it does not mean you need to replace the unit immediately. The first step in determining if your leak has any underlying causes is to look at the connections between the tank and pipes. If there are any cracks or corrosion on these connections, they will likely cause more significant leaks over time.

However, sometimes the connections are not cracked or corroded but simply loose, and this is typically the cause of a leak. In that case, you must ensure all the cold and hot water pipes are connected securely without any rattling to prevent water seepage.

It is vital to hire a professional plumber for the job

Experienced master plumbers have the expertise and tools to complete a water heater repair quickly, so you won’t have to wait for long days or weeks before seeing results. Hiring a qualified professional can also save you time and money in other areas because they can recommend which heater to buy based on your needs.

Also, some allow you to book virtual appointments so that they can walk you through minor leak repairs during an emergency. Look at their client reviews, ask for a cost estimate, and check their services list to know if they are worth hiring.

Lastly, you can schedule an appointment with them online by selecting a date and time of your convenience, ensuring all your plumbing needs are met efficiently.

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